About Response Manager

Response Manager is a tool for organizing and distributing incoming email messages and accurately and efficiently responding to them. Response Manager tracks the progress of messages through the system and lets you easily find messages and view a message’s history.

About the Response Manager Folders

The majority of Response Manager’s functionality is provided via folders that appear in your mail program (Outlook, for example). When you add a Response Manager account to your mail program, several folders appear under it.

Response Manager folders
Response Manager folders
Contains alert and error messages sent by the Response Manager system. These messages are not tracked, reported on, or archived by Response Manager.
Contains subfolders that let you perform various actions on messages.
  • Disclaim them (if you are assigned a message you do not want to handle).

  • Flag them as spam (delete them and automatically delete future messages from the same address).

  • Shred them (permanently delete them).

  • Move them to another group mailbox.

Group Mailboxes
Contains subfolders for each group mailbox you have access to. The subfolders contain the messages for each mailbox.
Search Results
You can save messages to this folder using the Search utility.
Contains a message with links to utility functions.
  • Search - Search for messages.

  • Associate Thread With Ticket - Link a thread to a record in another database.

  • Do Not Disturb - Temporarily prevent messages from being assigned to you.

Non-Response Manager Folders

Some mail programs create special folders, such as Drafts and Sent Items. The contents of these folders are maintained solely by your mail program and are not used by Response Manager.

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