About Group Mailboxes

The group mailbox is a central concept in Response Manager. A group mailbox differs from a normal email mailbox in that it is not usually set up for a particular person, but for a particular function or purpose. For example, your organization might have group mailboxes set up for sales inquiries, support requests, and website feedback. Response Manager has many powerful features that address the unique requirements of this type of mailbox.

As a Response Manager user, you belong to one or more group mailboxes. This means that you can view incoming messages for the group mailbox and reply to them.

Each group mailbox folder contains several subfolders.

Group mailbox folders
Group mailbox folders

Some items described here may not appear in your mail program. The privileges given to you by the Response Manager administrator determine the exact folders, subfolders, and contents you will see. For example, unless you have the privilege to see other users’ messages, you will see only your own messages in a group mailbox.

The Categories folder lets you categorize messages and view recent messages by category. Categories are set up by your Response Manager administrator. Example categories include “promotions,” “complaints,” and “product suggestions”. See Categorizing a Message. The administrator determines when old messages disappear from this folder.
The Closed folder contains recently closed messages. An incoming message is closed when it requires no further action. See Closing a Message. The administrator determines when old messages disappear from this folder.
My Messages
The My Messages folder contains the group mailbox messages that are assigned to you. You are responsible for handling these messages. See Replying to Messages.
On Hold
The On Hold folder contains messages assigned to you that you have decided to put aside temporarily. See Using the On Hold Folder.
The Sent folder contains recent outgoing messages for the group mailbox. It shows all users’ responses, not just your own, if you have privileges to see them. The administrator determines when old messages disappear from this folder.

Don’t confuse this folder with your mail program’s Sent Items folder, which is not maintained by Response Manager.

Standard Responses
The Standard Responses folder contains prepared responses that you can use to reply to a message. See Replying Using a Standard Response.
The Unassigned folder contains messages that are not yet assigned to a user. See Claiming, Reassigning, and Disclaiming Messages.

About Group Mailbox Privileges

You have specific privileges for each group mailbox you participate in. These privileges determine the folders you are able to see and the actions you can perform with messages. You may be assigned the same or different privileges for different group mailboxes. If you are uncertain about your privileges, ask your administrator.

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