Connecting to Response Manager

You send and receive Response Manager email using a standard email program such as Outlook. This chapter describes how to connect to Response Manager by creating an account in your mail program. The Response Manager System Administrator will provide you with your username and password, as well as the server’s host name.

Setting Up Your Account

Each mail program has its own way of setting up accounts and its own terminology for the various information you are asked to enter. This section provides informatione that can be used to set up any mail client, as well as detailed instructions for Outlook 2013, 2010, and Outlook 2007. If you have further questions, consult the documentation for your mail program or contact emailtopia Support.

General Account Setup Information

If your email program is not covered in the following sections, use the information below to configure an account that connects to Response Manager.

When prompted to enter this… …enter the following information
Email address responseManagerUsername@responseManagerHostName. For example:
Server type or account type IMAP
Incoming mail server or IMAP server Host name or IP address of the Response Manager Server. For example:
Outgoing mail server or SMTP server Host name or IP address of the Response Manager Server. For example:
Account name or username Your Response Manager username. For example: fred
Password Your password may be the same as your Windows password (if your Response Manager server uses Active Directory for authentication) or it may be one provided to you specifically for Response Manager.
IMAP port number 143 or, if your server uses SSL, enter 993
SMTP port number 25

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